Learn about the LTAR Network

About LTAR

To help meet future challenges facing agriculture—including feeding a growing population—ARS has established the Long-Term Agroecosystem Research network, known as LTAR. The network includes partners from universities, federal agencies and other research organizations.

LTAR offers a new approach to climate smart and sustainable agriculture. It consists of 18 research sites across the country. All sites offer a wealth of historic data. The scientific team will collect data over the coming years about agricultural sustainability, climate patterns, ecosystem services and natural resource conservation to drive data-driven farming strategies.

These sites consist of rangeland and farm watersheds that represent major U.S. agricultural production regions. Scientists examine all aspects of agricultural production systems—genetics, the environment and management—as well as their interactions. They also look for ways to improve natural resources and economic returns for farmers.

Long-term data gathered will help address questions about the sustainability of U.S. agricultural production systems and landscapes. This will allow LTAR partners to build future systems that increase production, assure producer economic viability and protect the nation’s natural resources.

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